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Claim Category - Purchased Expense

By selecting an option from other expenditure you will see the next step in the claim assistant.

Create Claim (values)

You can see the claim limit for the type of expense and what type of limit has been set.


A hard limit allows you to claim up to the limit and an advisory limit that will allow you to claim over the limit but will highlight this to the authoriser for approval.

Enter the amount including VAT and you can either enter the VAT as seen on the receipt or enter a standard vat rate from the drop down list and select Calculate. Once you have completed entering the amount select “Next” to move on to the next step of the claim assistant.

Select the country the expense was purchased in, this will default the country assigned to your user profile, but can be changed. Changing this will the change the currency and available VAT rates.


This will default to the account type set against the claim category but can be changed if you have advance or debit card accounts. A claim can contain lines going to different accounts depending on how you need to reconcile your expenses.

It is also possible to have accounts in different currencies, the currency field and account amount will change depending on the claim account selection and will then convert and display the claimed value accordingly.

Click on Next to enter the final claim details.

Final claim details

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